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I'm a passionate animator who strives to work with others to create amazing games and characters. I studied at Rotherham College of Arts and Technology, from there I was able to go to Sheffield Hallam University where I did a Bachelors and Masters in Games Design; from this course I ended up specialising in character animation for games. During my final year of University I was able to get a job at Sumo Digital (Sheffield) and it's where I currently work at today. I'm currently working on Sackboy A Big Adventure and other cool things!

Here are a few things that I've done outside of Education and Work:


This was a contest I entered during university, I was able to become one of the finalists in the Animation category. Although I didn't win the contest this gave me the entry point to break into the games industry. 



I was one of the finalists of the Tea Time Animation jam in 2018. ANIMX is a annual day of all things animation, live streamed on Twitch and ran/presented by many amazing animators from across the industry! You can check out the live stream here and watch the video below:

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